Project by Motto, 2015

Being a freelancer in the world of film, TV and music isn’t easy. In this referral-based industry, independent workers are at the mercy of luck – getting hired only on a gig-by-gig basis. Yoke seeks to unite freelancers and give them a place in which they can collaborate with industry professionals. Motto was hired to develop the brand – creating an in-depth strategy that articulated its purpose, vision and values. A thorough positioning process was the basis for the development of the new name: Yoke. I was brought in to help design the identity.

Armed with the brand strategy documentation and a conceptual moodboard, we started exploring a variety of directions for the core symbol. The creative direction was to visualize the idea of two elements uniting – the idea of freelancer and industry professional coming together. At the same time, we wanted to subtly integrate the letter Y to accommodate applications in which the symbol was separated from the logotype.

The final Yoke logo consists of two overlapping Ys. Together they form a spark. This visualizes the concept of ignition that stands at the center of the brand. Along with the logo, we developed a series of supporting materials that showcased the art direction. Dark, monochromatic photography is combined with bright yellow accents to create cinematic appeal.

Working with the team at Motto has been great! After closing Dotvita and working by myself for a couple months, it’s fun to be collaborating with a group of talented folks and diving deep into the world of branding.

"...what appeals to me most is your strategic lens..."

Sunny Bonnell, Co-founder + Creative Director

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