Tripbam Relaunch

Taking to the skies

Tripbam empowers travel managers with fully automated solutions for tracking and reviewing corporate travel market data. In 2021, Tripbam expanded into the air category, providing unmatched hotel and air insights across more than 180 countries around the globe. Together with the talented PR and content strategy consultancy Dots & Lines, we evolved the brand to meet the challenges of the new market.
Year: 2021
Agency: Dots & Lines
Sector: Tech

Enter the 3rd dimension

Tripbam, a bold and unapologetic brand, has an established aesthetic that perfectly complements its disruptive approach. With the expansion into the air category, we decided to literally take their illustration style into the third dimension by creating custom isometric iconography.

A true B2B experience

We tailored a web experience that communicates quickly with maximum impact. Tripbam’s unique offering was brought to life with bite-sized stories augmented by impressive performance stats and third-party validation.

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