Skill Capped

Master Fortnite

Austin-based Skill Capped teaches Fortnite players how to excel at their game. Their learning platform offers professional gameplay analysis and hands-on training through maneuvers and custom-tailored courses.
Year: 2019
Agency: Chris Vogel Design
Sector: Tech

Not just a game

Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon with a rapidly growing audience. As the competition becomes more and more fierce, there is an increased need for professional guidance. I was hired to help develop the visual language for this bold and dynamic educational resource.

Core brand elements (colors and typography)
Dynamic icon system for benefits and features
Badge system for identifying Skill Capped seasons

Balancing science and gaming

The goal was to showcase Skill Capped’s highly scientific approach in a compelling fashion. The incorporation of silhouetted game characters and augmentation of tech annotations effectively conveys Skill Capped’s research-first attitude.

Hero massage treatment
Key benefit message treatment

The phase system

At the center of Skill Capped experience stands its revolutionary phase system. I worked closely with the Skill Capped team to define the user experience and design the interface. The styling was intentionally crafted to allow users to focus on course content. We used accent colors to direct the eye and small icons to anchor critical ideas.

Client Testimonial

"We've worked with Chris for years now because he's always produced excellent work, is incredibly dependable, and he truly cares about getting the perfect design for our image and our brand. New designs from Chris are like Christmas morning for our team. Everyone is excited to see the designs, and morale usually skyrockets. People on our team get excited to implement and be a part of the designs Chris comes up with. We are so glad we found him."
Jeff Brabant
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