Vision 2

Igniting engagement.

Vision2 was looking to redefine its brand and transition from donation software to a church-focused engagement solution. The goal was to inspire decision-makers and find ways to speak more effectively to the departments within the church.
Year: 2018
Agency: Chris Vogel Design
Sector: Tech

Speaking to all parties

We started with an in-depth discovery session to dissect the ecosystem of the modern church. In order to empathize with the Vision2 audience, a set of user personas was created – capturing the hopes and fears of people working within each individual department of the church.


Strategy development included
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Values Articulation
  • Target Personas
Path of Discipleship
Customer Journey
Department Balance

Inspiring our audience

The new design direction was composed of a vibrant and uplifting color palette, sharp and confident typography and a friendly and delicate icon system. 50+ screenshot illustrations were designed with the goal to strike a careful balance: show enough detail to make functionality recognizable yet keep it simple enough to be scannable.

Benefit Icons
Screenshot Icons
How It Works Page
Persona Page

Taking it to print

To complete the brand experience, a comprehensive voice guide was developed to ensure a consistent tone throught applications. A print brochure was developed for in-person meetings – giving the brand tangibility.

"We love it."
Carl Tierney
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