“Working with Chris has been great. He walked us through the steps of our rebranding effort in a clear and effective way. (...) His collaborative style allowed us to make meaningful contributions. The quality of the final product was simply exceptional.”
Mark Post
Chief Operating Officer


Whether it’s crafting a brand from scratch, solving a complex interactive application or finding a way to illustrate a process, every project begins with a deep dive. It starts with a discovery questionnaire that asks about the business, customers, and competition. The discovery workshop follows up on the questionnaire responses and explores the near/long-term goals, industry trends, pain points, and driving-intent.


Framing the challenge and articulating the objectives is essential to getting the aesthetics right. I develop positioning strategies for identity projects, customer journeys for UX/UI endeavors, and detailed creative briefs for illustration efforts. Capturing the spirit of the project in written form gives both myself and my clients something to point back to during the design phase.


Once the mutually-agreed-upon definitions are in place, I begin developing the visual expression. Balancing design components in a strategic way is critical. Color, typography, photography, iconography and data visualization are each tasked to accomplish a specific goal. Together, these components create a tailored look that brings your brand to life – anchoring your company, product, or process in the hearts and minds of customers, partners, and employees.


I support my clients in bringing the designs into the real world. Whether it’s providing style guides, assembling asset libraries, or readying files for print production, I know how to correctly apply artwork to the various touchpoints – allowing the designs to shine in all their glory!

Example timeline of a medium-size project
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