Long Live Tech

Sage sets best practices for the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) industry in security, asset management, and responsible recycling. By partnering with Sage to reuse more and recycle less, IT departments can securely produce like-new refurbished devices, meet corporate responsibilities and decrease carbon emissions.
Year: 2023
Agency: Chris Vogel Design
Sector: Tech

Saving tech to save the planet

It is Sage’s mission to serve the planet, their customers, their colleagues, their communities, their suppliers, and their shareholders in that order.

Sage’s admirable mission strongly influenced the approach taken in evolving the visual expression of the brand. The brand, like the company, aims for maximum impact. It is dynamic and actionable, focused clearly on digital equity, environmental sustainability, and measurable outcomes. The new brand helps people understand what the business and its team already know — their security systems are top notch and they’re driven to perform their work sustainably and make re-purposed tech more accessible.

"One of THE best designers I've ever worked with."
Alaina Shearer
VP of Marketing, Sage
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