Waypoint Robotics

Workforce first

Waypoint Robotics is a New Hampshire-based manufacturer of industrial-strength autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Their products are built for the people who put them to work – tough enough for the daily grind of any manufacturing or warehouse environment.
Year: 2020
Agency: Chris Vogel Design
Sector: Tech

Identity system

Built for the real world

Our goal was to embody Waypoint Robotic’s “Workforce First” philosophy and generate a rugged, durable aesthetic. We purposefully avoided the high-tech sterility commonly associated with the robotics category. The result is a robust identity system that takes a modular approach – allowing for efficient, future expansion.

Wireless Charging Technology Badge
3-Stage Safety System Technology Badge
Omni-Directional Technology Badge

Make it click

Waypoint Robotics has made accessibility its war cry. For this reason, we looked to visualize as many concepts as possible – making ideas easier and quicker to understand.

Market Approach Visualization
Company Origins Visualization

A focus on practicality

The interface design for Waypoint Robotic’s digital products (Dispatcher and Whistle) was a critical part of the branding effort. We wanted the experience to feel familiar and friendly and make users feel comfortable taking the reigns. We opted to go against the clinical feel of the Flat UI trend and achieved accessibility through a hint of realism. Combining flat and layered elements and applying atmospheric nuances help guide the user’s eye.

Robot Management
Robot Detection Confirmation
Mapping Interface
Action Presets
Confirmation Modal

Client Testimonial

Chris has been more than excellent to work with and has the unique ability to take even the most rudimentary initial ideas that we have, help to quickly clarify, interpret, and expand the ideas and then create informative, helpful, meaningful, and certainly beautiful designs and content. I’d highly recommend him for your next project!
Patty Katsaros
Director of Marketing & Growth
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