A financial marketplace

Bizfi offers small businesses funding options that go far beyond traditional bank loans.
Year: 2014
Agency: Dotvita
Sector: Financial

Speak with sophistication

Bizfi seeks to give small business owners a better understanding of their options and access to needed capital. We designed an identity that resonates with this target audience. The logo establishes instant credibility and evokes a sense of calm while conveying the brand’s progressive approach to financing.

Simple, open letterforms complimented the symbol and create a logo that feels modern and sophisticated
Ther Bizfi symbol consists of two toggle switches – tying back to the ease of the Bizfi application process

Marketing website

Removing barriers

The Bizfi marketing site was designed to connect with small business owners in direct and straightforward way. A core part of it was the loan application summary. It was presented to users in a narrative format – showcasing example data, giving them the ability to adjust numbers.

Web Application

Inputs reimagined

The loan application process lies at the heart of the Bizfi application experience. Consisting mostly of input fields, we needed to find a way to make the interaction feel special and differentiating. For this reason, we designed a unique input field styling that reflected the forward-thinking attitude of Bizfi.

A glimpse
into the past
This project was created by Dotvita, the interactive design agency I co-owned from 2010-2015.
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