Cry of the advisor

Cry of the advisor

Thriveal inspires accounting firm owners to embrace their entrepreneurial creativity within the profession. I developed a visual system to capture the process of becoming an advisor – the core curriculum of their annual gathering: Deeper Weekend 2018.
Year: 2018
Agency: Chris Vogel Design
Sector: Events & Entertainment

Designing a maze

At the center of the journey stands the maze – a metaphor for the advisory principles taught by Thriveal. Various aspects of the maze are used to convey different educational concepts such as Multiple Entrances, Directive Walls, Dead Ends, etc.

The fully illustrated maze was the showpiece of this project and used for the event reveal. After attendees studied the principles in the sessions, the large-format maze was presented at the group dinner.


The feedback from the designs you did to walk our Deeper Weekend attendees through the map of becoming an Advisor were WELL received! Omg, people were blown away! The designs (and the reveal image you created we displayed at our special dinner) tied the whole event together in a huge way.
Jason M. Blumer
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