Thriveal RE

Take that leap

Thriveal is a community of accounting firm owners that exists to encourage the development of entrepreneurial CPAs. The RE campaign was created to promote the underlying principles of Thriveal.
Year: 2018
Agency: Chris Vogel Design
Sector: Professional Services

Redo. Retry. Reimagine...

The belief in iterative learning stands at the center of the RE Campaign. Thriveal helps its members balance risk and reward to ensure they’re not endangering their firm, but always asks them to make bold moves. This concept needed to be captured both verbally and visually. First, I articulated the driving principles, then, I developed a courageous and dynamic visual system.



Don’t run your firm on your own


As an entrepreneur, you can get snarled up in the details and sometimes don’t see the forest for the trees. We ensure you not only get the outside perspective but also the emotional support needed to stay on-vision.


There is no book


We don’t believe in best practices. When you join Thriveal you won’t get a manual for how to run your business – we expect you to author your own. We provide the parameters you need to experiment and help you build the tools to execute.


You can’t do it wrong


Underlying it all is a belief in iterative learning – you need to try to win. Sometimes that means misstepping. We help you balance risk and reward to ensure you’re not endangering your firm, but we’ll always ask you to make bold moves.

Capturing iteration

Thriveal is a framework for members to write their own rules. The RE identity design ties back to Thriveal’s non-prescriptive approach. The RE lettering forms the canvas for the Leaper – a visualization of the do-over concept.

RE fill in the blank logo
Original Thriveal logo designed in 2012
RE Thriveal lockup
RE Leaper logo

Client Testimonial

Chris Vogel always takes the time to strategically vet our ideas so that our campaigns and visuals represent what we mean to say to our market. My partner and I go in fluffy on the direction, and we always come out crystal clear with Chris' care and direction. That's why he guides the visual content and design representation of our annual conference, Deeper Weekend, each year!
Jason M. Blumer, CPA
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