Rapidly restoring
soil function

Sequester is a complete suite of products for regenerative agriculture. Working with Venter PR, we developed the brand from scratch and designed a dynamic identity system to speak to landowners of all sizes.
Year: 2022
Agency: Venter PR
Sector: Consumer Goods
Soil Amendment (1 Gallon Jug)
Soil Amendment (275 Gallon Tote)

Telling the brand story

We designed the visual identity to capture the Sequester narrative: Carbon Sequestration. We depicted the process of capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil. This story is woven into the entire design system – starting with the logo and continuing with badges and iconography.

Slide Presentation Template
Billboard Advertising

Getting ready for launch

There is a lot to consider when bringing a new brand into the world. As Venter PR’s design partner, we tackled a wide range of touchpoints. The scope included a full e-commerce experience, product labels and brochure, marketing slide presentation template, stationery, and social media graphics.

Shop Page
Product Detail Page
Audience Landing Page
Branded Cap
Product Brochure

Client Testimonial

Christopher Vogel of Chris Vogel Design is a design mastermind. Chris quickly captured the core of the company and thoughtfully created a distinct, compelling and inventive brand identity and website design. Chris is also the utmost professional and an incredible collaborator.
Melanie Venter-Roit
Founder & CEO
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