Danny Shane

Beyond the road

An Austin-based cycling apparel brand with a retrospective appeal and progressive ambitions.
Year: 2013
Agency: Dotvita
Sector: Consumer Goods

Premium retro

Danny Shane is a gentleman’s brand with a premium feel that evokes an air of exclusivity. To achieve the appropriate aesthetic, we designed an italicized, Airstream-style logotype from scratch. Its nostalgic feel was counterbalanced with modern secondary fonts and a cool and sophisticated color palette.

Danny Shane primary logotype
Danny Shane shield
Danny Shane product line branding

Taking it to the web

We created a sophisticated online experience with a major e-commerce component. A hatch pattern background was created to further convey the retrospective look and feel. Tying back to the core brand assets, the Danny Shane shield container shape was used to cut into layout elements and guide the user’s eye.

"I think the logo is a winner"
Shane Hunt
Founder + CEO
A glimpse
Into the past
This project was created by Dotvita, the interactive design agency I co-owned from 2010-2015.
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the futrue
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