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An effective visual identity will anchor a company in the hearts and minds of its customers, partners, and employees. It all starts with the logo – the first expression of any visual system.
Year: 2019
Agency: Chris Vogel Design
Sector: Mixed
Easy Legal Billing, Invoicing App, 2019
Waypoint Robotics, Robot Manufacturer, 2018
Thriveal RE, Campaign, 2018
Juice Makers Association, Professional Organization, 2018
Give2, Giving App, 2018
Circle Up!, Fundraiser, 2018
BitDashboard, Cryptocurrency App, 2018
Record DJ, Performer, 2018
Instruction Maps, Specialty Service, 2017
Kayak Pools, Above-Ground Pool Manufacturer, 2017
City Skyline Challenge, Fundraiser, 2017
Brock, Schechter & Polakoff, CPA, 2016
Superbad Hit Lab, Performer, 2016
Cypress North, Digital Marketing & Development Agency, 2016
Crown & Buckle Black Label, Fashion Accessories, 2016
Carver Pump, Centrifugal Pump Manufacturer, 2016
Yoke, Freelance Platform, 2015
Sperity, Credit Repair Consultancy, 2015
Le Corbrewsier, Brew Club, 2015
Jeter Melder, Law Firm, 2015
Happy Cow Group Share, Grocery Sharing Community, 2015
Christeli, Mattress Manufacturer, 2015
Westside workers, Developer Community, 2014
Tripbam, Hotel Booking Platform, 2014
Pomery, Cold-Pressed Juice Consultancy, 2014
New Hearts Motorcycle Club, Nonprofit, 2014
Myke Welch, Personal Brand, 2014
Deeper Weekend 2014, CPA Conference, 2014
Bizfi, Financial Marketplace, 2014
Vision2, Giving Platform, 2013
Shew Law Corporation, Law Firm, 2013
ProtoTest, Mobile Testing Lab, 2013
JS Extreme, HVAC Specialist, 2013
Danny Shane, Cyclist Apparel, 2013
Thriveal, CPA Network, 2013
The Pyre Post, News Platform, 2012
Macvita, UAE-Based Mac Support, 2012
Eric R Posmantier, Law Firm, 2012
Valentine Investments, Investment Firm, 2012
Reliq, Pet Shampoo, 2011
Ministry Goods, Church Technology Marketplace, 2011
The Mahon Firm, Law Firm, 2011
Lumaneu, German LED Reseller, 2011
Launch DFW, Dallas Startup Community, 2011
FileRelay, File Sharing Platform, 2011
Finley Law, Law Firm, 2011
Buyerty, Real Estate App, 2011
Dallas United, Nonprofit Soccer Club, 2011
Odd Pod, Modular Housing, 2010
Key Ring, Rewards Card App, 2010
X-Hale, UAE-Based Beach Retail, 2009
Snailmonkey, Letter App, 2009
San Pellegrino Terme, Spa, 2009
It!, Retail Design Agency, 2009
Elite Mailbox, Email App, 2009
Thumb Cellular, Telecommunications Provider, 2008
Plush, Fashion, 2008
Marino 52, Yacht Prototype, 2008
Alfra Vico, High-End Yacht Designer, 2008
Linda Milonga, Argentina-Based Fashion, 2007
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The annual conference for juicing professionals – providing revitalizing insights and actionable takeaways.

  • Year: 2018
  • Agency: Chris Vogel Design
  • Sector: Events & Entertainment

Carver Pump

A centrifugal pump manufacturer with an eighty-year history – made in the USA.

  • Year: 2017
  • Agency: Chris Vogel Design
  • Sector: Commercial & Industrial

Cypress North

A digital agency that merges software development and digital marketing into a seamless experience.

  • Year: 2016
  • Agency: Chris Vogel Design
  • Sector: Professional Services