Easy Legal Billing

Economical to the core

Easy Legal Billing is the cloud-based solution for the unique invoicing needs of the modern law firm. With a practical and concise attitude, Easy Legal Billing speaks to the immediate need of its audience. The design system follows suit with a friendly, unfussy approach – keeping things direct and to the point.
Year: 2020
Agency: Chris Vogel Design
Sector: Tech
Logo System
Color & Typography
Primary ScreenCons (Screenshot Icon Illustrations)
Secondary ScreenCons (Screenshot Icon Illustrations)
Utility Icons

Web Application

Utility first

The core product needed to deliver on the promise stated by the marketing materials: Enabling attorneys or administrative staff to sign up and send an invoice in minutes. During the interface design process, we stripped out all unnecessary items until the experience was genuinely frictionless.

Web App: Client Detail View
Web App: Client Index View
Web App: Delete Client Modal
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