Juice Makers Association

Makers of juice unite

The Juice Makers Association gives independent juice companies a voice and brings accountability to the juice industry.
Year: 2020
Agency: Chris Vogel Design
Sector: Nonprofit

Pushing against Big Beverage

The juice industry is experiencing a credibility crisis. Too many profit-hungry players have been deceiving the public – making bold, nutritional claims that don’t hold up to scrutiny. The JMA stands for high-quality, nutritional beverages that support their end-customers’ health-conscious way of life. The organization fights for the integrity of juice and goes to great lengths to protect end-customers from deception.

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Certified Badge Anatomy

For the people, by the people

The design captures the human element and reflects the rallying quality of the organization. A calm and welcoming color palette is combined with confident typography and imperfect photography – generating a grassroots aesthetic.

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The leader in commercial juicing equipment with a mission to bring out the best of nature.

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Juicing Companion

A 160-page book with flavor pairings, nutritional information, and recipe ideas for cold-pressed juice.

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