Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2012

Like most designers, I spend a lot of time working with various icon sets. I love the grid-perfect precision and subtle nuances each amazing set brings to the table. However, there is a monotony that occurs when designing flat UIs with purely geometric icons. As a response (and a personal exercise), I developed the Vitacon icon set. The idea was to have an illustrated set of elements with a three-quarter perspective that would really pop off the page and give a design more personality.

Built exclusively of layered, closed shapes, the icons don’t rely on strokes. This was very important to me as scaling doesn’t become a problem and old-school printers won’t freak out. To ensure vector purity, I avoided the use of clipping paths and fancy Illustrator effects – what you see is what you get:

An additional advantage is the color setup. Each icon uses a single spot color with multiple overlapping shades. This allows designers to change colors with a single click without having to dig within the element group.

Vitacons are in no way thought to be universally applicable and will only find a home in the most specific art directions – but that’s totally fine with me. Buy Vitacons on Creative Market today!

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