San Pellegrino Terme

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2009

In 2009, I entered the San Pellegrino Terme Identity Initiative, an international design competition centered around the rebranding of the San Pellegrino Terme. This region in Italy was going through a reconfiguring process and was looking to attract international tourism.

The geographic area is well known for its thermal baths and natural springs, so I decided to use water as central theme in the design. Starting with a series of posters, I created a layout split evenly between a clean, white area at the top and water at the bottom. This served as a governing element from which multiple motif variations could easily emerge.

A key goal for the logo design was to create a contemporary feel while maintaining a sense of traditional herritage. After all, San Pellegrino Terme has a rich Italian history that should be used as an asset. To continue the tie into San Pellegrino Terme’s water theme, the logo’s symbol is composed of Art Nouveau-like splashes seamlessly transitioning into a contemporary logo type.

Sadly, I didn’t make it very far in the competition. Now, looking back, I realized the design lacked the architectural emphasis they were looking for. But it was a really fun project to geek out on, and I'm still really proud of the result.

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