Taking a systematic approach, we designed a universal header/footer navigation and created a set of 15 content panels (hero carousel, 2-column text + image, image/video gallery, etc.) for desktop and mobile. Our goal was to create a modular system to be deployed across all sites. The site design takes a product-first approach – offering multiple avenues to browse and discover items and recipes.

Solving the product listing page was a high priority since it is the page that corporations use to make purchase decisions. Everything on this page had to be intuitive and to-the-point while accommodating a wide range of use cases.

We were also hired to design a complete icon set to depict Rich's product categories. This was a fun challenge, as many of these categories were not as straightforward as one might think. Some were enumerated and highly specific (biscuits, bagels and pretzels). Others were more abstract and general (culinary solutions, prepared foods). Figuring out, for example, how to create a relationship between finished and unfinished cakes was a highly enjoyable task.

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