Project by Dotvita, 2013

ProtoTest, a Denver-based mobile testing solutions provider, has a uniquely human approach – creating holistic value for its customers that goes beyond just reporting bugs. My company, Dotvita, was hired to strategically position, rebrand and design ProtoTest’s website and supporting materials.

Making "mobile" apparent in the logo design was a good way to create an instant connection with the industry. Adding the magnifying glass helped convey ProtoTest’s inquisitive nature. From there, we built an extensive brand tool kit – specifying silhouette style icons and fine tuning the brand’s punchy “Electric Taxi” color palette.

The website clearly communicates ProtoTest’s people-centric approach through showcasing team members in its feature imagery. In contrast to the genuine feel created by the photos, a sleek form language was chosen to add a hyper-contemporary nuance.

The fully responsive website was made to work flawlessly on high resolution desktop monitors and scale down fluidly to smart phones. This was especially important given ProtoTest’s focus on the app industry. From touch optimized buttons to comfortably browsable menus, we put a lot of effort into ensuring an enjoyable device experience.

Supporting materials, such as the proposal template shown above, used the bold type treatments to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints. In the end we had a really tidy brand that not only looked hot but also helped position ProtoTest for their next phase of growth.

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