Project by Dotvita, 2014

Pomeroy helps entrepreneurs get into the cold pressed juice market. The company was founded by the Wettlaufer family, who developed the X1 Commercial Cold Press Juicer – the most widely distributed commercial juice press in the world. With over 40 years in the industry, they have unlocked the secrets of starting a successful juice bar.

Early in the discovery process, we learned that the most common driver for starting a juicing business is a passion for the juice itself. People get excited about the convincing health benefits and want to get into the game. We wanted to speak to this optimistic attitude by using a fresh, vibrant and juice-inspired color palette.

Our client had previously hired a design firm to develop a logo (not displayed here), but was disappointed with the results. One of the main reasons for this was the prioritization of details and lack of simplicity. When we were engaged to create an identity, our focus was to combine no more than two ideas. Our design told the story of of the apple and the drop – a visual metaphor that captures Pomeroy’s essence.

Another important brand element was the process chart. It conveyed the steps of running a juice business in a friendly, non-threatening way. We used it on all major touchpoints such as stationery, website and promotional materials.

Like any Dotvita project, the website was the focal point of the project. Especially the homepage was important. It served as the hub of the brand and therefore needed to quickly capture attention and explain the value proposition. The page was structured to answer the following questions: What do you do? Who do you serve? Why should I care? Further down the page, we introduced the Pomeroy bundles – startup packages consisting of consultative services and key products that address the needs of a newcomer to the industry.

We’ve continued to help Pomeroy with their brand and business and have started working with their parent company, Goodanture. I've really enjoyed learning about the intricacies of this niche industry and I’m excited to see the company grow and maintain its position as the go-to place for cold pressed juicing.

"...It's so nice to finally show something to my family that everybody likes..."

Charlie Wettlaufer, CEO

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