Modern Message

Project by Dotvita, 2013

When a trusted source gives you a recommendation, people listen. Modern Message understands this and developed an app that allows residents to review and recommend their apartment community on Facebook and other popular social media platforms. Dotvita helped streamline the Modern Message user experience and redesigned their interface to display well in desktop browsers, within Facebook as well as on mobile devices.

The app UI was designed to look action-oriented. We stripped all non-essential elements out and incorporated large, colorful buttons to make it unmistakably interactive. We also simplified the points and rewards system to make it more sequential and easier to understand.

The mobile experience was important as well. I’m really proud of my responsive grid system. I equalized columns and gutters and standardized spacing to 4%. When I presented this to the client their eyes glazed over. I guess the graphic design nerd had caught hold of me.

Another part of the project was designing the client dashboard – the place apartment managers can monitor progress and get data relating to the consumer-facing app. We tried to simplify it as much as possible while making sure we appropriately showcased the power of Modern Message.

"...We are excited about the new direction we are heading..."

John Hinckley, CEO

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