Identity Management Group

Project by Dotvita, 2011

Running high-end clubs and putting on amazing events is not easy. From venue maintenance all the way to mobile marketing, nightlife management in this day and age requires an extensive set of skills. When Dotvita was hired to design Identity’s web presence, we wanted to showcase their balance of club experience and behind the scenes expertise.

The target audience for this site (and the Identity brand in general) is not club goers but rather organizers, investors or talent agencies. For this reason, it was important to generate a look and feel that wasn’t too over the top. The design is intentionally neutral to direct users towards the exciting club photography.

The Identity site was one of our early explorations into responsive web design. The site had three break points to accommodate a desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes. Impressively, we haven’t really maintained the site over last few years, but it still seems to work just fine (for those who don’t know: the web is constantly evolving which means sites tend to break quite easily, especially with changing technology).

One of the final pieces we designed was a 30-page corporate book. It was a key promotional vehicle used in meetings with potential investors and celebrity agencies. Capturing the essence of a company that deals with high-octane club events on a daily basis was exhilarating. Like any real German, I love house music and used to go clubbing a lot on the weekends, so this project really was a dream come true.

"...the sites both really look fantastic and exceeded our expectations..."

Antony Adel, Managing Partner

The Pyre Post