Project by Dotvita, 2014

For photographers, sifting through millions of images can be a tremendous burden. Small workflow inefficiencies can have major ripple effects. Norway-based Fotostation is desktop software that empowers creative professionals by optimizing their post-production process and shaving off milliseconds.

During our positioning process, we identified “Embracing the unglamorous” as FotoStation’s driving motto. To capture this functionality-first attitude, we wanted the identity to feel honest, straightforward and friendly. Using the existing logo as a starting point, we modernized the mark and standardized the logotype. Although we were not initially hired to redesign the entire brand family, we were keenly aware the surrounding products and came up with an expandable logo system. Along with the logo facelift we defined a new art direction consisting of outlined icons, clean typography and a set of badges.

The Fotostation website used the art directional elements in combination with large-format photography. This simple aesthetic allowed the carefully crafted messaging to shine. The goal was to make a quick impression, have users dig into the details and download a free trial.

After we completed our initial branding and web design engagement, Fotostation hired us to design the entire Fotoware product family. Using the previous efforts as a starting point, we designed 4 additional symbols – each capturing key traits of the individual product.

"I LOVE it. So do my harshest critics..."

Christopher Frenning, CEO

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