The business of juice.

Project by Dotvita, 2014

Opening a cold pressed juice bar isn’t easy – you’re dealing with an emerging trend, perishable inventory and huge, upfront equipment purchases. Pomeroy has figured out what a small business needs to thrive within the industry. We developed a holistic brand system to help them tell their story.

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Gamer education.

Project by Dotvita, 2013 - 2014

Skill Capped, the educational platform for video games, offers instructional courses for players who want to drastically improve their abilities. We helped define the Skill Capped user experience and designed their web application and marketing site.

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Outdoor education – California-style.

Project by Dotvita, 2014

Impressed with the design work we performed for the Outward Bound Schools in Baltimore and Philadelphia, Outward Bound California hired us to rethink their web presence. We combined core aspects of the previous design efforts with new branding requirements developed by Outward Bound National while infusing as much California into the design as possible.

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Songriders for life.

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2014

The New Hearts Motorcycle Club is a non-profit music tour benefiting organ transplant patients and their families. When founder and singer-songwriter John Velghe asked for my help to design the identity, I couldn’t say no. The logo system takes cues from traditional motorcycle club badges. The core logo can stand on its own, or be combined with a bottom rocker for member sub-branding. The most elaborate variation is the Road Show. It combines the logo with an overarching descriptor, bottom rocker and a date.

"...This is really great work..."

John Evans, Founder

No more spreadsheets, please.

Project by Dotvita, 2014

Targeted towards niche magazine owners, Subscription Genius helps publishers set up paywalls, automate renewals, leverage user data and, of course, manage subscribers. Our focused brand positioning efforts allowed us to create a remarkably direct message. Calming colors, refined typography and custom icon illustrations created a friendly and professional environment. The result was impressive - with double-digit increases in revenue.

Next generation beerchitects.

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2014

For the 2014 Brew Riot home brew competition, we took the Le CorBREWsier design to the next level. A refined identity system with hand lettered typography and hand sketched icons built a new basis for the beer branding. This year we featured four unique brews, each with a signature label. We laser cut plywood into coasters, produced t shirts and setup a quick facebook page. In the end, our brown ale won first place and our stout came in second.

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Open source for everyone.

Project by Dotvita, 2012 - 2014

New Circle’s mission is to educate the world in open source coding. They do this by providing professional training courses to companies around the world as well as publishing amazing amounts of free educational content.

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Drawn to the cause.

Project by Dotvita, 2013

Estuary Applications builds long-lasting, web-based software for companies that want to affect positive change in the world. They require all of their clients have a meaningful mission that isn't exclusively profit-driven. To capture this unique aspect of the business, we designed an identity with an artisan feel. We really wanted the balance the sophistication of their products with the human focus of their guiding principals. At a glance, it should be very clear: Estuary makes “handmade” software by real, skilled craftsmen.

Let's ride bikes!

Project by Dotvita, 2013

Danny Shane designs and manufactures exquisite apparel for cyclists. In early 2013, their classy, retrospective designs were getting a lot of international attention. To help support their skyrocketing trajectory, Danny Shane hired us to give them a fresh brand identity and build them an online shop.

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Process made pretty.

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2014 - 2015

Instruction Maps™ is a personal project that I plan to grow over time. I wanted to create tight compositions that visualize the process of popular activities. The goal was to set expectations by giving newcomers an overview without overwhelming them with too much detail. Using key data points, it is however important that the sequence of steps is accurate. I've currently visualized the process of brewing beer, t-shirt folding and pour over coffee. I've started selling Instruction Maps on Society 6 in form of art prints, cell phone covers, etc. Check it out:

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