Project by Dotvita, 2014

Plenty can happen between the time you book a hotel room and your arrival date. A big conference is announced and room rates spike or a concert is cancelled and rates tumble. Tripbam offers a completely different hotel booking experience to its users. Instead of locking travelers into pre-negotiated rates, this web-based service scours hotel rates daily and notifies its users when amazing deals become available.

The biggest challenge for Tripbam was setting users’ expectations and making them comfortable with this unfamiliar way of booking hotel rooms. We started by developing a completely new on-boarding experience. We stripped the trip creation process down to its essentials by designing a wizard-like interface that asks simple questions in a sequential manner.

To get a feel for how a user might interact with the app, we created the video above. It showcases the initial on-boarding process. Our client appreciated the animated mockup because it put the simplified interface design into context. Once we all agreed on the general direction, we tweaked colors, refined design elements and fleshed out content details.

We wanted to make sure the clean look generated by large-format typography and full-canvas color treatments didn’t create a sterile feel. So we designed an approachable identity system with a unique set of icons to balance the aesthetic. The playful, overlapping shapes give the interface a human touch and inject just enough personality to loosen up the design.

The entire application was designed to naturally respond down to mobile. This includes the initial on-boarding experience, marketing site and application that users return to once they have set up their trip. It was important that we highlighted the most crucial trip information and accounted for an array of varying states. We worked closely with the Tripbam team to make sure we got all the details right and thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration.

"Damn. You guys are good."

Steve Reynolds, CEO and Founder

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