Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2017

Geo is an Australian software company that prides itself on building productivity tools tailored to the needs of a mobile workforce. The strategy component of this project was especially pronounced. It took me some time to absorb internal documentation, review existing user analyses and discuss details with various levels of management. Once the extended discovery was complete, I developed a series of user personas to capture the human element of Geo customers. These user personas proved to be a driving element of the positioning strategy and all design work going forward.

A unifying theme emerged during the positioning process: Punching Above Your Weight. Like Geo's customers, Geo started small with the dream of making something big. Geo wants to encourage its customers to take their business to the next level and "go for it".

With this solid strategy, I started on the design toolkit. Keeping their existing logo in place, I focused on supporting visual components such as typography, iconography, data visualization and photographic treatments. A highlight was the custom icon set. Considering Geo's purpose-driven attitude, I wanted the icons to feel robust and tool-like. As a result, I opted for a solid, geometric design with a unifying athletic edge.

The first touchpoint I tackled was GeoService, Geo's job management app. It needed to embody the brand's spirit and convey durability. In other words, the UI needed to feel like it was chiseled into the screen. Together with the Geo team, I worked through the user experience and defined key areas of improvement. Then, I designed an extensive set of page views to guide the in-house design team.

Geo's marketing website continued the aesthetic language developed during the app interface design process. I created a clean and dignified layout with unique accents such as contained headline treatments, logo grids and, of course, more icons.

In preparation for Geo's IPO, I also created a 200-page prospectus template. It further strengthened the new Geo identity system and showcased how the brand could extend beyond digital applications into print.

“...I really liked the position strategy deck (...) I wasn't sure how worth it would be, but was willing to just let it unfold (...) I was quite surprised. It was really great to see the business put that way...”

Brad Dunn, Head of Product and Customer Experience

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