Cypress North

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2016

In the complex world of the web, where there are dozens of ways to win, but also hundreds of ways to fail, Cypress North offers expert guidance. They understand how intimidating the industry can be and aim to make the process of digital marketing and web development as painless as possible. My first task in working with Cypress North was developing their positioning strategy and articulating their values.

Once the strategy was in place, I dove into the identity design. We wanted Cypress North to be perceived as a top player in the industry by creating visual distinction amongst peers and alignment with our defined brand personality: competent, genuine, sharp and dependable.

Although we were shooting for a fresh look, we wanted to tip our hat to the past. As such, I evolved the previously established "north tree" concept – integrating it into the logotype and using it as a standalone symbol. In combination with strong typography and punchy, athletic colors, the visual system was starting to take shape.

As part of the identity design effort, I illustrated a full icon set to bring Cypress North's services to life. I augmented the multi-color treatment with subtle shading – tying back to the diagonal shadows featured within the new Cypress North logo.

Cypress North is a digital marketing a development agency. As such, the website was by far the most important brand touchpoint. My goal was to create a web experience that never ended; no matter what page you are on, there are always at least three opportunities to dig deeper into the site.

To round out the brand experience, I developed designs for a slew of applications – including a full stationery package, proposal template and capabilities brochure. I also assembled art direction for their office photo shoot along with custom environmental graphics and signage.

I really appreciated working with Cypress North. It was great working side-by-side with their team on implementation. We have an amazing synergy and complementary skill sets which makes collaboration highly enjoyable.

"After months of preparation, work, and the amazing talents of our good friend @chrisvogeldesign, we're excited to be launching our brand new site!"

Matt Mombrea, CTO / Partner

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