Carver Pump

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2017

Carver Pump is a centrifugal pump manufacturer with an eighty-year history and a deep commitment to American manufacturing. As a naturally-grown company, Carver Pump is proud of the fact that they earned their market share instead of buying it. One notable aspect is their remarkably low turnover rate. Many employees have been with Carver for decades and consider themselves part of the Carver family. In order for me to get a good feel for their culture, it was important to collect a diverse set of perspectives. At kickoff, we included employees from across the ranks instead of limiting ourselves to top leadership. After evaluating over a dozen questionnaires and working with key stakeholders throughout the discovery process, I assembled the positioning strategy – honing in on the essence of the company.

Carver Pump stands for more than just the equipment it sells. Carver Pump is about solving problems before they develop and taking the time to properly understand their client's goals. We wanted a logo design that reflected this level of precision and care. Using their existing impeller logo as a starting point, I designed a logo symbol grounded in geometric purity. My goal was to create a mark that balanced negative and positive space in a compelling way – showing the impeller first and revealing a star at second glance (a subtle yet effective way to reference American-made). Every aspect of the logo was supposed to feel intentional and embody Carver Pump's core brand promise: Built for purpose.

The supporting elements of the identity system followed suit. A contextually relevant color palette, a solid font selection with a robust headline treatment and a set of custom-designed application icons were developed to create a strong visual language. In combination, these elements created a distinct look and feel that aligned with the previously developed positioning strategy.

Data visualization turned out to be an extremely important aspect of all product communications. If you pride yourself in accommodating highly developed specifications, you've got to showcase the nitty gritty. We needed to find a way to convey complex information in a clear way while not weakening the brand. I developed a unique, graphical style consisting of layered, semi-transparent elements and worked with the Carver Pump in-house design staff to implement the direction across all products – visualizing hydraulic coverage and pump details.

I also helped Carver Pump with their printed materials. Following the design rules of the identity and web design, I created their corporate and product brochures, a full stationery package as well as a presentation template. Like always, the goal was to have all touchpoints march in lock step.

Working with Carver Pump has been a great pleasure – it's true what they say about Midwestern friendliness. A brand deep dive isn't easy and requires a lot of time, commitment and collaboration. Thankfully, the team at Carver was up for the challenge, and together we built something truly great!

"Working with Chris has been great. He walked us through the steps of our rebranding effort in a clear and effective way (...) The quality of the final product was simply exceptional."

Mark Post, COO

The Pyre Post