Project by Dotvita, 2014

Getting a small business loan these days isn’t easy. Traditional banks are becoming more and more risk averse and prefer larger financing deals. The alternative lending industry is mostly unregulated and processes are opaque and unfamiliar to the common small business owner. Bizfi is a financial marketplace that seeks to give business owners a better understanding of their options and access to needed capital.

When we designed the identity for Bizfi, we wanted to make sure we were successfully speaking to the small business owner. The logo needed to establish instant credibility and create a sense of calm. At the same time, we wanted to make sure it communicated Bizfi’s progressive approach to financing. After exploring a variety of directions we landed on a symbol consisting of two toggle switches. To us, It captured the ease of the Bizfi application process. Simple, open letterforms complimented the symbol and created a logo that felt modern and sophisticated.

The loan application process lies at the heart of the Bizfi experience. Consisting mostly of input fields, we needed to find a way to make the interaction feel special and differentiating. For this reason, we designed a unique input field styling that reflected the forward thinking attitude of Bizfi. As part of our initial art direction presentation, the video below shows how we envisioned users interacting with the input fields.

In addition to the loan application process, we designed the dashboard interface applicants use to get updates on their loan status. Although there was quite a bit more UI density, we wanted to continue the light and airy feeling of the application process. To achieve this, we used outline iconography in combination with lots of white space and subtle color accents.

Like most projects, a major part of our engagement was designing for mobile. The clean and simple approach of the initial art direction really helped us achieve an uncluttered mobile experience. We continued the theme and created single column layouts for mobile screens that captured the Bizfi look.

Unfortunately, our design never really saw the light of day. A shift in client objectives required us to refocus our attention on Bizfi’s parent brand. It was still a fun project and I really like what we came up with.

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