Alfra Vico

Project by Winntech, 2008

In 2007, my boss at Winntech, the company where I was working at the time, wanted to take a bold step: start Alfra Vico, a high-end yacht brand. Being an avid yachter himself and having built strong connections with Middle-Eastern investors, he felt ready to follow through on this ambitious dream.

The centerpiece of the project was a 50+ page brochure for the debut prototype: Marino 52. It needed to be showcased in a dramatic way, so we combined large-format renderings with generous amounts of white-space and introduced bright, orange accents.

We also produced a range of supporting materials – from trade-show graphics all the way to investor pitch documents. In addition, I built a quick Flash microsite (I know I’m showing it on an iPad Mini here which doesn’t technically work) to feature high-level aspects of the Marino 52 as well as news articles.

When we launched, the Marino 52 prototype got a lot of press and was picked up by major yachting magazines and blogs. I’m not sure what happened to Alfra Vico after I left Winntech, but I look back fondly on this experience as it was one my early identity projects.

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