Project by Dotvita, 2012 - 2014

The CPA profession has always had the image of being stuffy, rigid and un-fun. With emerging trends in both technology and business practice, a growing number of progressive accountants made it their mission to change this stereotype and redefine their industry. The Thriveal CPA Network looks for radical ways to improve the accounting experience and encourages participants to be brave and take bold risks.

When we designed the Thriveal logo, we wanted it to do three things: #1 Express the growth that occurs when collaborating with likeminded people. #2 Communicate the passion for the craft of accounting. #3 Capture the quirkiness of its founder and his endearing, geeky mentality that saturates all aspects of Thriveal.

We wanted to make sure that existing members were on-board with the rebranding, so we developed the Thriveal Launch Pack. Consisting of a t-shirt, a patch and pair of branded spectacles, it gave members ownership at an early stage. Beyond being a mere give-away, this package was meant to integrate into the new homepage design. The idea: put on the glasses, take a picture and get displayed as a Featured Thrivealist on the new Thriveal homepage.

Showcasing Thriveal’s members was a key piece of the brand and finding a way to communicate the virtual nature of the community on the hompage was really important. The illustrated town-scape with a paper cut-out styling made the Thriveal brand feel like a tangible place – a destination for brave accountants.

A badge system was developed to help identify Thriveal’s tiered membership plans. Artisan, Craftsman and builder support a good, better, best plan structure and align nicely with the hands-on brand personality.

After the launch of, we focused our efforts on covering all of the brand’s touch-points. We developed a multi-page brochure for Thriveal’s 2013 Deeper Weekend conference and created supporting off-line print pieces.

Our most recent task, has been the restructuring and expansion of the Thriveal identity system. We were asked to take a fresh look at the brand and come up with a way to supported a growing set of sub-brands. Part of the effort involved mapping out the relationship of the new Thriveal entities and figuring out how everything fits together.

"...Our Network pooped in their pants when they saw it! I did too..."

Jason M. Blumer, Chief Innovation Officer

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