Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2015

In early 2015, Hornall Anderson worked together with Goodnature to re-imagine their brand. Their goal was to reposition the company by moving away from a product focus and becoming more values-driven. With a completley new look and fresh set of brand assets, Goodnature was able to successfully present themselves as "the inventors of juicing equipment that brings out the best of nature".

I picked up where Hornall Anderson left off. Leveraging the core elements and a lot of the thinking, I was hired by Goodnature to design multiple touchpoints – starting with a set of product detail pages. The goal was to increase conversion by carefully dividing product information into digestible sections.

During the process, I designed a custom icon set that continued the design language of Goodnature identity redesign. Outline icons with thick stroke weights and subtly rounded corners set within circular containers speak to Goodnature's friendly yet professional brand personality.

In addition to the icon set, I developed multiple apparel designs – including an Instruction Map™ that depicts the process of cold pressed juice production. Starting with raw produce, the Instruction Map™ takes viewers through the steps – highlighting key data points along the way.

I was also hired to design their trade show booth. My previous experience at Winntech, a retail design agency, proved to be very useful. The most important aspect was the main message. It needed to be visible from a distance. The goal was to draw attendees in by creating intrigue. To accomplish this, I came up with the “Inch Pincher” idea – playing to attendees' obsession with counter space optimization.

Product brochures were another essential touchpoint for the Goodnature brand. I designed multipage brochures for all 6 Goodnature presses. I was able to pick up on a lot of the design decisions made throughout the product detail page efforts while adapting them to the print medium.

In my opinion, Goodnature is a great showcase for how to make industrial-grade products feel personal while maintaining a professional aesthetic. It’s a careful balancing act and not easy to accomplish.

"Looks great!!"

Eric Wettlaufer, CEO

The Pyre Post