The code by which I do business.

Stand for something.

Beyond explaining my design services, I think it's important to define a set of values that guide decision making at a fundamental level. After all, this is what my clients hire me to do for their company, so it only makes sense to apply the same approach to my own business. Here are the three core values of Chris Vogel Design.

Not going in for the hard sell.

I’ve never been much of a sales person. It’s not that I don’t admire a good hustle. But it’s just not who I am, and I think that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

What I know with absolute certainty is that I offer tremendous value to the right kind of company. So when I jump on the phone with a prospective client, I try to gauge the chemistry and figure out if I’m a good fit for their needs. If I think I can add value, I’ll plead my case, but if I think it’s not a good fit, I’ll make a recommendation for an alternate approach.

A fair deal for both sides.

When Ron Johnson was put in charge of JC Penny he introduced the fair and square approach. This was right up my alley – finally, an end to fake prices and manipulative tactics. Needless to say, I was very sad to see his plan fail.

I believe in honest pay for honest work. On the one hand, that means I don't try to bill whatever I can get away with. But that also means I don’t offer discounts or special offers. Together with my clients, I sit down and discuss the project in detail. Then, I define a scope of work, establish a timeline and set a budget. If during the project one of those three things change, we adjust the other two accordingly.

Focus on building – not destroying.

Early in my career, I participated in design competitions and won my fair share of awards. As much as I enjoyed the recognition, I got more satisfaction out of working together with designers instead of competing against them. I’m not a sure a competitive attitude – “crushing the enemy” or “dominating the competition” - is beneficial in my line of work. 

To me, the path to excellence is found in self improvement through self reflection. I constantly push myself and wrestle with new ideas because I want to improve my skill set without diminishing others in the process.

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