Vision 2

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2016

Vision2, a cloud-based giving platform for churches, takes a holistic approach to giving – handling not only all aspects of donation but also gift entry, accounting and retention. Dotvita, the agency I co-owned, was engaged to position and design the Vision2 brand in 2013. In 2016, Vision2 approached me to develop a new campaign.

After meeting with the team and conducting an in-depth discovery session, I developed a concept that captured the platform's wide-reaching advantages through the use of anecdotal references.

The idea was to reference all the to-do's that distract from meaningful work. By showing a desk covered in pesky, little tasks, I was able to spark associations with church CFOs and capture the burden they are faced with on a daily basis. The Vision2 team loved the idea and I got the green light to start on the design.

The first task was illustrating all of the desk items. I wanted to create a diverse feel by displaying tasks on different types of media. I designed sticky notes, Rolodex cards, checks, notepads as well as supporting objects such as pens, paper clips and USB drives. I continued the flat, multi-color aesthetic I had developed back in 2013 while introducing speckle shading to create an additional layer of depth. Once all elements were in place, I developed the full-page print ad – complete with descriptive copy and a call to action.

The final part of this project was the corresponding landing page. It picked up where the ad left off. Each task was shown with a clarifying message – explaining how Vision2 could solve the problem. In my opinion, this project demonstrates how print and web can work with each other to create a cross-media experience.

"We love it."

Carl Tierney, CTO

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