Tripbam B2B

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2015

The life of a corporate travel manager can be tough. They are under tremendous pressure to keep company costs low, while struggling to corral their travelers. Controlling traveler booking behavior is difficult. More often than not, travelers refuse to use a corporate booking tool and go rogue – booking hotel rooms independently. Tripbam has developed a specialized service that allows travel managers to regain control over this situation.

The Tripbam B2B website leverages the unique visual style developed during Dotvita’s previous branding efforts. The goal of the homepage was to introduce users to Tripbam process without overwhelming them with too much detail. Key benefits become apparent as users scroll down the page.

The features page directly addresses the three main challenges travel managers experience on a daily basis. Color coded page sections explain benefits in detail and walk users through solutions in a relatable, step-by-step fashion.

In addition to the B2B website, I designed an editable pitch presentation for the Tripbam sales team. Expanding the visual language to include complex charts and infographics was an important part of this challenge. Seeing all the elements come together in a cohesive way is immensely gratifying and I look forward to a continued relationship with Tripbam.

"Site looks awesome and a major milestone in our focus on B2B."

Steve Reynolds, CEO and Founder

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