The Pyre Post

Project by Dotvita, 2012

The Pyre Post is a contemporary news outlet for web-savvy news readers who want to be led by facts, not by particular viewpoints. Covering current political, economic and social issues in an unbiased manner, The Pyre Post looked to Dotvita for a strategy, identity and news portal to emotionally connect with its audience.

Integrity had to be apparent at a glance. For this reason, the logo was intentionally designed to remind viewers of established news outlets from the past. Inspired by the origin of The Pyre Post name, the logo symbol abstractly resembles a phoenix rising from the ashes. As part of the initial art direction, a comprehensive category icon system for various categories was developed to clearly identify The Pyre Post’s wide range of media formats.

The site features a prominent masthead, similar to a traditional newspaper layout. Textures and fold lines further continue this theme. Content is presented in a linear format. Sidebars are omitted to create a more focused and uncluttered experience.

We actually implemented responsive behavior well after the site was live. To make this work, we had to retro-engineer a lot of the core elements. It was a bit of a work-around, but it turned out quite slick.

Additional printed materials were designed to help get the word out at conferences and other in-person events. The signature textures, typography and category icons were easily transferable, confirming the robustness of the art direction.

I must say, I really love it when things work out as smoothly as they did with this project. Our client was phenomenally trusting and had tons of killer content ready right off the bat.

" exceeded my imagination, which is always a good sign..."

Michael Hoag, Owner

The Pyre Post