Superbad Hit Lab

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2016

When planning an event, people usually prefer the excitement and energy of a band over a DJ. Unfortunately, bands are expensive, loud and have a limited catalog of songs. That’s where Superbad Hit Lab comes in – offering a wide repertoire of music wrapped in an exciting event experience. Authenticity stands at the core of the company – using professional-grade PA systems, heavy duty audio gear and concert-level lighting equipment. Everything Superbad Hit Lab does is driven by an "analog over digital" attitude. We captured this refreshingly retro approach by designing an identity with a spacey 80’s feel.

We wanted to create a mascot that embodied the spirit of the brand. Built exclusively out of geometric shapes, the Superbad Hit Lab astronaut has an iconic quality that helps anchor the identity.

The logo system was designed to play a prominent role. In contrast to most brands, it’s job was not to only identify the brand, but to also serve as a primary content element. The idea was that it could carry a layout all by itself.

By combining the mascot with stereotypical 80’s typography and using a spacey background, we were able to achieve the engaging, retro aesthetic we were looking for. In preparation for launch, we created custom record labels, a set of posters along with a complete stationery package.

The ability to stencil the logo was a requirement from the beginning. For this reason, the form language of the identity system needed to be strong enough to work in black and white. If you look at the design closely, you will realize that every element within the mascot, logotype and badge was intentionally designed to have an opening – allowing for the production of a single-piece stencil that is easy to apply.

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