Flat can get old.

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2012

If you're like me, you're probably using a lot of flat, grid-based icons. Over time, I've grown tired of the same old two-dimensional look. I wanted to come up with something different, so I designed Vitacons.

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Squashing bugs.

Project by Dotvita, 2013

ProtoTest combines meticulous mobile app testing with UX expertise. For us, this seemed to be a match made in heaven. We spent quite a bit of time helping ProtoTest getting this unique positioning tweaked to perfection. Then we got to do the fun stuff – design the brand.

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Remember the Japanese shirt folding videos?

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2008

This project was inspired by the Japanese shirt folding meme from a couple years ago. The Fold Me t-shirt displays the four step process directly on the shirt, effectively combining theory with practice – in a nerdy, graphic design sort of way.

Splashing with water.

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2009

San Pellegrino Terme, an Italian wellness resort, was looking to reinvent their identity to accompany a facility re-model. The key goal of the design was to position the brand in the context of their famous natural springs.

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People Lie.

Project by Dotvita, 2013

Finally a resource that attempts to fix the broken world of online dating. Dotvita helped position, name and design Jerrod's List – a web app for reporting date offenders.

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Helping the homeless.

Project by Dotvita, 2011

The Dallas United soccer club helps homeless people get back on their feet by engaging them in competitive team-based activities. The club is part of a national league that has been tremendously successful. We donated our design services to ensure the club had a strong, recognizable mark.

Accounting for the brave.

Project by Dotvita, 2012 - 2014

Thriveal is a network of forward-thinking CPAs looking to disrupt their tired industry. Dotvita created a complete identity system and website that highlights its members, demonstrates a passion for the art of accounting and shares the quirkiness of its founder.

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Not all hippies and Douglas firs.

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2006

While living in Oregon, I was often exposed to the not-so-idyllic aspects of the Beaver State. I think this shot of a house in Eugene’s Market District captures the gloom quite well. I blew out the levels and performed a bunch of post treatments to create a graphic novel-like aesthetic with a dark, noir atmosphere.

A trip across Europe in 1914.

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2013

This map was designed for an article about Sir George Armytage’s escape from Germany after the outbreak of World War I. His journey began at an exclusive German spa and continued up the River Rhine, across the English Channel all the way to Yorkshire. To help readers get a sense of orientation, I designed a small icon set to illustrate key destinations featured within the article.

A focus on fandom.

Project by Dotvita, 2012 - 2014

FanTree is the place where fans and athletes connect. Whether it’s promoting exclusive products or raising money for charity, FanTree offers a robust platform for celebrities to directly speak to their followers.

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