Launch DFW

Project by Dotvita, 2011

When you think tech startups in Texas, the first thing that will most likely pop into your mind is Austin. Most people are not aware that there is a thriving scene here in the DFW area. The Dallas Fort Worth area is home to over nine million people and vastly spread out. This is the main obstacle for creating a vibrant community. Launch DFW was an initiative to strengthen our local tech startup scene by providing a virtual hub for both entrepreneurs and investors.

The Launch DFW logo was designed to communicate as bluntly as possible. The retro rocketship set within the red circle was ideal for sticker production. Worn like a badge of pride, you’d often see it on the back of laptops and notebooks. The logo also worked great on t-shirts and other types of apparel.

The site needed to feel like a useful resource and not be mistaken for a fancy blog or local tech news outlet. For this reason we designed the home page to resemble an app-like springboard that would link to all the major Launch DFW components.

Getting users on board was one of the most important things. The profile creation process combined all needed pieces of information in one consolidated view to quickly get users signed in. The interactive DFW map was one of the unique elements. It was used in different places throughout the site.

The design process was very enjoyable and working with the guys over at Launch DFW was a blast. The interface design never really saw the light of day, but the core identity lives on in a big way. You can’t go to a Dallas startup event without spotting the rocket ship logo.

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