Kayak Pools

Project by Cypress North, 2017

I worked with digital marketing and development agency, Cypress North, to position their client, Kayak Pools – the nation's leading above-ground pool company. We started by assessing Kayak's current customer data to define their audience. After crunching the numbers, we were able to describe their customer as a middle-class American who works hard for his/her money – a family focused person who has reached financial stability and is ready to make a substantial commitment. Once we had a solid understanding of the end-customer, we were able to position the company accordingly.

We performed a full identity overhaul for Kayak Pools – increasing their premium feel to reflect the product's top market position. We wanted to create a credible design that felt friendly and approachable. After all, Kayak is all about authenticity and fun. To achieve this balance, we created a custom logotype that felt refined yet had a hand-made, crafted quality. A subtle amount of nostalgia was inserted to project stability. Part of this exercise included a logo system that could be applied to Kayak Katalogue, Kayak Pool's online marketplace.

We created a design toolkit to support the new logo. Thick, multi-color outline icons were developed for benefit stories and accomplishment badges. We carried this custom styling all the way to Kayak's deck configurator – the web-based tool allowing users to combine different pool sizes with deck variations.

It all came together in the web design phase. We designed both the Kayak Pools corporate site as well as the Kayak Katalogue e-commerce experience. Combining the uniquely playful elements from the design toolkit with a clean, contemporary layout, achieved just the right balance of fun and sophistication.

The Kayak redesign turned out to be a massive success. Within the first 100 days, Kayak Pools' website generated over 1,200 leads and the Kayak Katalogue online store received over 2,000 orders. This project is yet another showcase of the great collaboration between Cypress North and Chris Vogel Design.

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