Jeter Melder

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2015

In an industry where the common trend is to increase caseload and grow low-cost manpower, Jeter Melder takes the opposing approach by focusing on tailored, high-quality legal work. I was engaged by Jeter Melder to help position their firm and develop their visual identity. During the strategy phase of the project, we established that Jeter Melder is a highly specialized law firm – not in terms of service offering, but in terms of audience. Jeter Melder only serves clients who are growth-oriented, open-minded people that care deeply about their legal issues. This participatory process and hands-on approach is what makes Jeter Melder special.

We wanted the identity to feel refined and professional while evoking a well-made, human spirit. Our final design captured clean sophistication through a less-is-more approach. A simple logotype along with a carefully crafted monogram formed the basis of Jeter Melder’s brand identity system.

We created ownability by selecting a distinct font and then further customizing the letterforms. A positive attitude is conveyed by the ascending M. Stability is increased by reworking the stems of the Ts and Ls to firmly stand on the baseline. For the monogram, combining the ampersand with the M was an effective way to reference Jeter Melder’s teamwork mentality. The mongram's circular container creates a protective buffer – adding strength and authority to the mark.

To bring the identity to life, we developed a couple of touchpoint mockups. The homepage and blade sign designs show how logo elements are combined with colors and supporting typography. For the stationery package, we designed a set of simple yet elegant print pieces that embody the firm’s straightforward and measured attitude.

“...Chris engaged in a process that challenged our own perceptions about how we saw ourselves and the law firm we wanted. (...) He was spot on. Many times, my partner and I commented about how he made it look so easy, but we both knew that was just Chris’ expertise at work...”

Michael Melder, Partner

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