Project by Dotvita, 2010 - 2015

Dotvita was started in 2008 by Dave Onkels. When I joined as a partner in 2010, we transformed it into a formal agency. Our goal was to help businesses succeed through people-friendly web experiences. Early in the process, we decided to go beyond the minimalist look agencies typically employ and create a theme that aligned with our customer-focused ambitions. Dave, an avid pilot, and myself, an airport signage enthusiast, quickly agreed that a retro aviation theme was a novel and fitting direction. We wanted to capture the glory and excitement of 60’s and 70’s air travel and make our clients feel at ease in the cloud.

In early 2011, we launched our first site: Dotvita Singapore. It introduced the retro aviation theme with a flight attendant promising a breath of fresh air. A notable feature was the altimeter on the portfolio page. On entry, users would start at 30,000 feet and descend as they scrolled down. The site made quite an impact and got featured on numerous gallery sites.

To accompany our new web presence, we produced business cards that looked like boarding passes, stickers that resembled luggage tags along with a set of event and service-specific print pieces. We even customized our phone tree to include a cheery 60’s sitcom soundtrack.

Later that year, we experimented with our sales process. The creation of custom proposals was taking up a lot of time so we built a tool to help automate the process. Quickulator was a single-page website that asked a series of questions. As users interacted with the radio buttons, checkboxes and sliders, a shopping cart would appear and list proposal line items. We’d inquire about project details and ask questions about decision making and chain of command to determine project management cost. It was a really amazing tool and we thought we had reinvented the industry. Unfortunately, our sales tanked right after launch. It turned out, prospective clients expected chemistry building and didn’t want to be confronted with an automated process – especially when dealing with high price point engagements. Needles to say, we learned a lot.

In 2012, we decided to narrow our focus and launched our second website (Dotvita Sydney) to speak more directly to B2B clients. The site continued our aviation theme with a slightly sleeker, more sophisticated feel. The light and airy atmosphere of the site design corresponded with our proposals, contracts and presentations to create a more unified appearance.

Dotvita had been profitable from the beginning and 2014 was our biggest sales year ever. It was with a spirit of excitement (and a hint of sadness) we announced the completion of our journey in 2015. I’m extremely proud of our accomplishments and thankful for all the relationships I've been able to build during my time with Dotvita.

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