Take Time For Dallas

Project by Chris Vogel Design, 2014

I lived in Dallas for over seven years and I’ve become quite familiar with the different neighborhoods within the city. After I saw Judgmental Maps poke fun at Dallas, I felt the urge to illustrate my own map to express my personal perception.

I wanted to avoid clunky text descriptors and let the visuals dominate the design. A Dart diagram along with a couple key highways anchor the map and create just enough orientation for people to follow along.

A ridiculous amount of wealth is concentrated in North Dallas neighborhoods. I chose to depict this with obvious symbols of affluence: mansions, money and sportscars. It also made sense to include the “Big Hair” Texas stereotype.

East Dallas is the part of the city I’m most familiar with. I wanted to illustrate the things that were most important to me: food trucks, craft beer and the best Mexican food in the country.

In contrast to Judgmental Maps’ ...well... judgmental approach, I wanted to maintain a positive attitude throughout the design. This proved to be a challenge when I started illustrating South Dallas. Like many American cities, Big D has a tremendous amount of disparity. Neighborhoods south of i30 have been neglected for decades and as a result are plagued with crime and poverty. There are however some hidden gems, such as amazing BBQ and lush parks along the Trinity river.

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