Project by Motto, 2015

Within the mattress industry, it is common for companies to compete on features: Tempurpedic this, memory foam that ... terms that are intended to sound techy and impressive. Branding agency, Motto, took a different route to set Christeli apart from the competition. They distilled Christeli down to a single archetype that deeply resonated with its audience: The Nurturer. From there, they articulated the purpose, vision and values of the brand.

As part of the Motto team, I helped develop the brand identity. The goal was to create a classic yet contemporary logo system. We wanted to tip our hat to the past while keeping an eye on the future. We leveraged Christeli's heritage in a big way, using 1931, the year the company was established, as a core part of the logo system. To further reinforce the company’s rich history, we created a vintage C as Christeli’s primary symbol. The overall look is contemporized through the use of clean lines and geometric typography. In addition, we designed an expansive set of icons that illustrate company benefits, product features, mattress sizes and sleep positions. The thin outline styling created an open and airy atmosphere that embodied the feather-light feel of the brand.

The Christeli web experience combines the graphic brand assets with inviting photography and generous amount of open whitespace. The primary goal of the design was to make Christeli’s unique positioning shine. A bed isn’t just for sleeping – there are so many more things that happen there.

The Motto team and I also spent quite a bit of time developing the unboxing experience. The Christeli mattress is shipped in a big red box which is highly visible from a distance. We wanted it to catch everyone's attention when standing amongst other packages. When customers open the box, the first thing they see is an elegantly placed welcome kit. Setup instructions, warranty and referral program information are combined into a compelling, multi-page booklet.

To enable the client to iterate and hire additional resources to maintain the brand, we developed a comprehensive brand book that went far beyond logo usage. We included icon rules, a voice guide and a complete UI toolkit. Christeli was a superbly gratifying project. The team at Motto really know their stuff and it was great to collaborate with them. In the end, I think we developed a truly unique visual system with a harmonious atmosphere and an inspiring message.

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