Where I come from and
what I've been up to.


My name is Chris and I live in Columbus, Ohio with my wonderful wife, Kelley, and my son, Gus. I've been designing all my life – ever since I was a little child (painting in my grandfather's studio). I can't imagine doing anything else.

Originally from the old world.

Born and raised in Germany, I didn't move to the United States until after college. My passion for graphic design was sparked during an internship at 4i Limited, a design studio in London. I got HOOKED - so I enrolled at the Media Design Hochschule in Duesseldorf and then completed my studies in Berlin.

Across the pond.

After graduating, I got an opportunity to intern (and later work) at Oslund Design Incorporated. I packed my bags and moved to beautiful Eugene, Oregon. At Oslund, I learned all the tricks of the trade and jumped into the world of identity design and sports branding.

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